Sunday, September 11, 2005

Legends Co-Co Pebbles. Double Registered Rocky & Kentucky Mountain Mare. Born April 2001. Black with black mane & tail. Stands 15 hands. Pebbles has a easy comfortable gait. A true show gate. She is comfortable to ride, smooth and relaxing. She is not extremely animated, so most any one can ride her. Although when cued correctly, she will move out and pleasure gait! Pebbles is out of Panama Jack & Nice-n-easy, our Yankee mare. She was born on our farm. We bred for her marvelous gait. She is a calm mare, sturdy, not easily excitable. She's been on several trail rides, and seems to enjoy change of pace from her typical arena workout . Not yet a "leader" on trail rides, but will gladly follow the leader thru streams, up and down hills without reservation. She has been to approx 5 shows at this time. Has placed 1st-2nd-3rd in every class. She is riden in both a flat seat and western saddle. Placed 1st in her last class in gaited western pleasure, 2nd in several trail pleasure classes. She can be riden bare back, can canter and return to her natural 4 beat gait on cue. Pebbles has truely matured this year, and we are VERY PROUD of her. She has the potential to be a show mare, a pleasure horse, a trail horse, a family horse, and personally I think a "beauty queen too".... She is current on all shot,worming,west niles, strangles,etc..etc..She stands for shoeing calmly. Feet are in excellent condition... she is shod for her comfort, and gait, not for high animation, meaning her feet are NOT long. She is in excellent health, no illness or conserns. She is a "easy keeper" and really has no vices that I can think of, she is calm in the trailer, ties, clips, baths etc. She was imprinted as a baby and handled every day of her life, or nearly so. (Cant tell I love this horse can you?) Pebbles will steal your heart!

This is Panama Jack,, Pebbles Sire, 1996 Futurity Champion. She looks just like daddy.!